Frequently Asked Questions

WebMD is one the most recognized and trusted brands of health information serving consumers, physicians, and healthcare professionals. WebMD TV is a television channel that reaches patients in hospitals in over 1,500 health establishments nationwide. The patients tune in to watch our programs during the most critical moments of their lives when they need moral support, education about ongoing care, and positive distraction.

WebMDTV is seeking the most innovative and creative ways of telling health & wellness stories no matter if it’s humorous, inspiring, anecdotal, or abstract. We encourage our applicants to explore analogies, write comedic sketches or personal monologues, feature real people in your community, be inspired by social trends and pop culture, and most of all, think of the best ways they would understand the body and how we care for it. For this competition, we ask you to submit stories for a chance to win a cash prize! WebMD TV will also select scripts and ideas to be produced by our pro team to be broadcast on WebMD TV. For more details, visit the Storytellers’ Competition page.

Through this competition, we are looking to lend your creative talents to bring topics of health and wellness to life. From dance to painting and poetry to song if there is a health-related story that you can tell through your talent, we want to see it. WebMD TV is calling all creators to capture their moments of artistry on video and submit for a chance to win a cash prize and be broadcast on WebMDTV. For more details, visit The Creators’ Competition page.

This one is for Kids, Youth, Teachers, Students, Parents, and Friends! WebMD TV is challenging you to create a video to cheer up a patient, teach someone about the body, or share a story about your community for a chance to win a cash prize! WebMD TV will also select the best clips to be broadcast on WebMD TV, so the more creative you get, the better! For more details, visit the Student Teachers’ Competition page.

To participate in the competition, you must be a U.S. citizen or a legal resident. Eligibility varies based on the contest, please refer to the Official Contest Rules for eligibility requirements. 

The contests are only for U.S. residents. Please refer to the Official Contest Rules for more information.

Please refer to the WebMD TV Contest Official Rules for more information. If you would like to discuss your special situation, please send us a message here.

Yes! If your project fits more than one competition, feel free to submit it everywhere! You can also submit as many times as you want, but each submission must be “original”.

If you win, we may use your idea, script, or video for WebMD TV programming. For Storytellers, it means their idea may be brought to life by a professional production team, and the video may be aired on WebMD TV. For Creators and Student Teachers, it means that their submissions may be edited (if needed) and may be included in WebMD TV programming.

If you are ready to submit, please navigate to the relevant competition page, and fill out the form at the bottom of the page. You will receive a detailed email with information about what, how, and when to submit. Good luck!

You can submit as many projects as you want, as long as they are significantly different. Also, if your project fits more than one competition, feel free to submit it everywhere! 

The winners will be announced on our website: Storytellers and Student Teachers – on October 15th, Creators – on November 7th. We will also send email notifications to all participants. The winners will be notified via email and phone call. Please refer to the Official Contest Rules for more information.

If you win, you will receive a check upon completing all the necessary paperwork. Alternative forms of payment may be discussed with the winner directly.

If you don’t win this time around, you can submit again next time. Stay tuned for future competitions from